Ecological Site Works

Our site ecology teams can deliver toolbox talks and briefings to construction teams, carry out species translocations and licensing works, install mitigation measures and build habitat enhancements.

How we can help

Our team are fully trained in tree climbing and other specialist works including badger sett construction and protective fencing installation. Our experienced team can quickly identify the most efficient and cost effective strategies.

Case Studies

Great Crested Newt Translocation

In 2010 Clarkson and Woods took over an existing great crested newt licence from a previous consultant at a complex landfill site in Suffolk where a large meta-population of great crested newts is present. This has required extensive, close working with local subcontractors, as well as the client to ensure that operations can continue in line with legal and licensing requirements. To date, all active landfill cells are now clear of newts and ready to take waste, which took several years of extensive trapping and translocation. Clarkson and Woods are currently liaising with Natural England and the client to pursue a new licensed approach at the Site which will enable operations to continue for several more years, whilst providing significantly enhanced aquatic and terrestrial habitat for great crested newts, as well as other wildlife.