Contributing practical advice and cost-effective solutions to support small scale development projects

Private & Domestic

We work regularly with home owners, small developers, roofing contractors and builders who are carrying out small scale home improvements, repairs and building projects.  Often as part of a planning application or building consent the local authority require completion of a bat and bird survey, or Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) prior to planning permission being granted or works proceeding.  We are able to complete surveys quickly and efficiently and prepare suitable reports to underpin these applications and help to ensure swift determination of these applications.

Where ecological constraints such as the presence of roosting bats or nesting birds is confirmed we are then able to design suitable mitigation measures and obtain the necessary licences to allow the development to proceed.  Our experts in bat licensing can help to secure the necessary permissions from Natural England quickly, ensuring minimal delay to the project.


We appreciate that on small projects the costs associated with ecological work is rarely anticipated and we do what we can to minimise the costs of this work.  We aim to design pragmatic, cost efficient approaches to such projects and really enjoy the personal aspects of working with home owners to enable works to proceed in the most ecologically sustainable way possible.