Case Studies

Clevedon Pier New Lighting Design


The Challenge

Clarkson & Woods were contacted after a listed buildings application to install lighting on Clevedon Pier was refused by North Somerset Council. One of the reasons for refusal was the potential impact of the lighting on local bat and bird populations. This left the Trust in a difficult situation as the survey window for bats had been missed, but there was no leeway to delay the project due to funding restrictions.


The Solution

Clarkson & Woods carried out a walkover survey of the site which was followed by an autumn bat activity survey. The static bat survey found, surprisingly, that bats were using the pier for foraging.

Given the lack of detailed survey information, it was decided that a precautionary approach would be taken and the lighting was completely redesigned after several meetings with the lighting consultants. The new design included carefully selected luminaires placed in locations where lightspill was reduced as far as possible. In addition to this, after negotiations with the Trust, it was agreed that some of the existing lighting on the pier would be turned off or redesigned in order to reduce the net increase in lighting.


Progress and Results

The design that was eventually resubmitted to the local authority had a more detailed consideration on the impacts on local wildlife and provided a good balance between reduced impacts on bats and birds but also accentuating this important cultural landmark.

CLIENT: Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust
LOCATION: Clevedon, Somerset
SPECIES: Bats and birds
SERVICES PROVIDED: Input into lighting design and ecological surveys